GO! My personal guide and diary before, during and after moving abroad

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For both children and adults an international move is a major life event. Secure and healthy relationships are important for children to thrive in the process. They need to feel a sense of coherence in their lives so that they can understand and manage the challenges they face. This book guides children age 6-13 through moving abroad. By writing, drawing, collecting memories, and sharing them with others, they can create their own special story about their lives before, during and after the international move. The book supports children in sharing thoughts, feelings and ideas with their family and with old and new friends, so friendships can be maintained and enhanced. The book is as a starting point for conversations between children and their parents, for children’s groups, in schools and across cultures and borders


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Forfattere: Maria Kofod Techow, Emilie Frijs Due og Bente Skovby Burke.

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