Third Culture Kids Groups

Children that have lived a significant part of their lives overseas, are in professional literature called Third Culture Kids. Many children that move from one country to another with their families can experience difficulties in form of cultural and social chock, as some experiences can be difficult to translate to the conditions of another country. This can entail feeling different or having difficulty feeling at home, even if the country of residence is their passport country. At the same time, for many children growing up overseas entails a long list of strengths. 

We are currently offering children’s groups for Third Culture Kids in Danish at our center, and in English at Rygaards International School.  The aim of the groups is to support children in navigating a cross cultural identity and providing a safe environment to discuss the strengths as well as challenges related to their cross-cultural childhood. In the groups the themes that are most often connected to a cross-cultural childhood are discussed through a range of different exercises and activities.

By participating in the groups your child will have the possibility to:

• Meet other children that have also experienced, or are currently, living abroad.
• Share the up- and downsides of being a TCK.
• Be able to reflect themselves in the stories of other children and hereby feel less alone and more normal in terms of the feelings and thoughts, your child might have.

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The price for participation in all eight sessions is 1500 DKK.
It will be possible to buy the TCK “Go”-book that we will use in the sessions for 299 DKK.

Sign up

To sign-up your child send an e-mail to Cecilie Malmgaard at with the following information about your child:

• First and last name
• Age
• Current residence
• Your phone number
After applying you will receive a phone call from Cecilie Malmgaard regarding some practical information about the project. You can expect the phone call as soon as possible after sending the application.

Practical information

• The group course includes five to eight group sessions and a parents meeting.
• The groups will meet approximately a month and each group session lasts for two hours with a fifteen-minute break.
• The group leaders are one psychologist and one psychology graduate student, who are specialists in TCK topics.
• The sessions consist of different exercises and table talks where the children share their experiences with each other.
• Up to eight children will participate in each group.
• The groups will start in February 2020 and finish in June 2020.
• The groups will be held after school at the premises of Rygaards International School.


Third Culture Kid

Children that have spent a significant part of their developmental years outside of their home country are called Third Culture Kids (TCK). What is particular about these children is that they have grown up in multiple cultures, meaning that they have a familiarity with both their parents’ culture and the culture of their current/past residence/residencies. As many don’t feel completely at home in either culture, they develop a “third culture” in the crossfield of these. This “third culture” often arises in the meeting with others that have also grown up on different parts of globe, and who can therefore relate to the experiences and reflections that this type of childhood elicits. Being brought up overseas can strengthen children and youth’s flexibility, tolerance and social competences. However it can also result in an experience of rootlessness and confusion when it comes to questions of identity like “Who am I?” and “Where do I come from?”. Therefore it can be of great relief to meet others that can relate and listen.


Previous participants say

The group leaders bring up things that I normally wouldn’t talk about, and that I therefore would have had to deal with alone.”

The group has been a confidential space where the children have been able to share experiences, frustrations and losses in a constructive way.”

What I get out of the groups is that I can say exactly what I think about our move, my new school and being in Denmark. This means that I have people to talk to about it, so I don’t have to carry it around alone, and they understand what I mean when I tell them!”

Through the TCK-group our child didn’t just receive new friendships, but she has found a place where the she feels understood. Not just by the adults, but most importantly by the children she meets there.”

Our son has found a place that is his own, and where he learns to see his multicultural attachment as a strength.”


Behind the project

Center for Family Development is an independent nonprofit organization. Since 2004, our work has been carried out with funds from private foundations and donations, authorities and through our own activity. Center for Family Development cooperates closely with Danish and international researchers and practitioners. Our fundamental values as an organization are charity, high professional standards and societal responsibility. The center provides support for both individuals and families with the main aim of helping them thrive in their everyday lives.

The center consists of several departments, one of them being a Unit for Expats. For many years, we have worked with Danish families moving abroad for expatriation within different sectors. We have offered counselling before, during and after international assignments. We have many years of experience working within this field with both individuals, couples and families.

Group leaders

Dragana, Authorized psychologist, has extensive experience with children’s groups and has personal experience with the cross-cultural life.
Cecilie, master student of psychology, experience with TCK children’s groups, is a Third Culture Kid herself.

Dragana Mateskovic

Psykolog (cand.psych. aut)

Cecilie Malmgaard